Ridgetop Gardens specializes in the following areas:


  • Lighting Layouts (AGI32)
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Light Recipe Development
  • UVB and UVC research
  • LED vs. HPS vs. CMH studies
  • Fixture Design / Design for Manufacturability
  • UL / DLC regulatory compliance expertise
  • Photometry and lab setup
  • On site photometric lab—Gonio and Spheres
  • Distributed high voltage DC design
  • Prototyping
  • Go-To-Market Strategies

IoT and Data

  • Best practices in system setup
  • Assist growers in developing system Strategies
  • Assist manufacturers in developing strategy and architecture
  • Design layouts for grow rooms and greenhouses
  • Control system design and integration
  • Ridgetop Gardens has developed Intellectual Property in the Data Collection and Recall space.
  • Product Vision, Cloud architecture and SaaS models created by growers to meet industry needs


  • We understand what it takes for a successful grow:
    • Photosynthesis starts when light strikes the plant.
    • When you change the type of energy the plant receives, you have to change the other parameters of photosynthesis.
  • We have been using FLIR equipment and microscopes to show customers how light affects plant health.
  • People often attribute plant problems to the lighting when it is often an environmental or nutrient issue.

Grow Testing

  • Ridgetop Gardens can perform side by side grow testing with tightly controlled parameters.
  • We are a certified farm with the State of Tennessee and licensed Hemp producer for Low THC Cannabis.
  • We manage our own genetics and produce our own clones for all testing.
  • Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse.
  • Hydroponic / Soil / Cocoa / Rockwool


  • With both an Engineer and Commercial Master Grower on staff we are able to speak everyone’s language.
  • We have traveled the world for speaking engagements.
  • We frequently consult with Universities and Certification Bodies for the creation of Industry Standards.
  • Expertise on industry trends and how to prevent erosion of your bottom line.

Our team is always happy to discuss how we can help you overcome problems you are having.