When converting your grow space lights from HPS (high pressure sodium) or CMH (ceramic metal halide) to the new energy efficient LED (light emitting diode) many environmental adjustments must also be met.  Switching the light source and expecting your plants to grow is not realistic.  The environment needs to change to accommodate the type of energy the plant is now receiving.  We are skilled in making these environmental changes.  We would like to help you avoid the mistakes that others have made when making the switch to LED’s.

The art of hydroponic cultivation has been around for a very long time.  If you have decided to start your grow utilizing this technique or are an experienced grow with a problem that you just can’t figure out, our years of experience can be of great benefit to you.  With many successful seasons under our belt we have learned the ups and downs of growing in hydroponics.

Our Primary focus is consulting on both hydroponic and LED lighting systems.  Let us know if you are having issues in your greenhouse that you cannot solve!