We have redirected our focus this past year from commercial production of hydroponic microgreens and edible flowers to horticulture lighting research and consulting.  We’ve been successfully growing under LED’s for over 10 years, in that time we’ve developed an amazing light recipe.  By conducting numerous grow trials and networking with growers, scientists and lighting specialists all over the world,  we have designed and manufactured an LED horticulture grow light.

It has been a hectic few years, but we have completed all the research and development on our LED horticulture lights.  The lights were put through rigorous grow trials. They were exposed to all types of environmental conditions.  They were hooked to sensors that collected data during full grow cycles.  Then, after a completed successful harvest we utilized all the data collected to develop a proper grow environment.

We are now stepping into the development of our second-generation light.  Utilizing all the insight from our partnered commercial growers.  We have also converted our commercial grow space into a laboratory to continue conducting research. We are currently conducting an experiment to determine the effects of non-visible radiation on commercial crops such as Industrial Hemp.